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Ruby is a short film directed by Ben Fraser. It was the official selection of Indie Short Fest 2023, New York Shorts International Film Festival 2023, and Zions Indie Film Fest 2024.

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Holy Traveler  is a TV series that follows Justyna Hrabska around the world as she discovers religious traditions, sacred spaces, and fascinating histories from many cultures and locales. Directed by Bruce Neibaur.

"I was thrilled to finally have the chance to work with Jake on a pilot documentary series called 'The Holy Traveler.'  My hope is that there will be many, many more opportunities for Jake and I to work together in the future. He is truly a rare talent!"
- Bruce Neibaur
Director/Writer, Journey to Mecca, Holy Traveler

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For the following clips, the original soundtrack (and sometimes other audio and dialogue) was removed and replaced with Jacob's own score for the purpose of demonstrating his ability to write for other film genres.

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